C# Quickly remove un supported HTML tags from forms

While building a some forms for a web site, I realized that there were some users that were using HTML tags in forms that I wasn’t happy about. I didn’t mind some tags since they were hrmless and gives the users who know HTML some ability to alter presentation. So here is what I did in C# to clean up/remove HTM tags. I am sure there are many ways to improve it (so feel free to.)

// this method will remove *most* malicious code leaving allowed 
// HTML intact
public static string stripHTMLTags(string input)
    string output = "";
    // break the comments so someone cannot add an open comment
    input = input.Replace("<!--", "");

    // strip out comments and doctype
    Regex docType = new Regex("<!DOCTYPE[.]*>");
    output = docType.Replace(input, "");

    // add target="_blank" to hrefs and remove parts that are 
    // not supported
    output = Regex.Replace(output, "(.*)", @"$5");

    // strip out most known tags except (a|b|br|blockquote|em|h1|h2|
    Regex badTags = new Regex("< [/]{0,1}(abbr|acronym|address|applet
    return badTags.Replace(output, "");

Here were a couple of web sites that I used as a reference: Regular Expression Reference – http://www.regular-expressions.info/reference.html
A somewhat comprehensive list of HTML tags –http://www.w3schools.com/tags/default.asp



4 responses to “C# Quickly remove un supported HTML tags from forms”

  1. Mark says :

    Hi there.

    Many thanks for this. It’s a lifesaver.

    Just one thing:

    I’ve found I had to insert some forward slashes into the ‘hrefs’ line, before the embedded quotes and embedded forward slash.

  2. Emilio says :

    You forgot to specify RegexOptions.IgnoreCase because it could be that the HTML in the input string is not lowercase.

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