Microsoft & Golf

I had a real funny experience today that I need to share. Its Labor day today and after eating our traditional Labor Day breakfast and watching a movie with the family we decided to go to Golfland.

Long story short, just as I told the lady that I needed four adults and one child they informed me their computers just went down. They told me that the computer was being restarted and that it would be a minute… four reboots later and almost 15 minutes I asked “is their computer running Microsoft Windows?” They answered in the affirmative and I could not help but laugh to my self. 10 minutes later, a man behind me asked what was taking so long and I told him the computers are down and they are trying to reboot them. I also told him that they were running Microsoft Windows. Immediately he said… a miniature golf place in the [silicon] valley should be running on UNIX or Linux. I told him that I agreed.

A line of 30 or 40 people quickly shortened to only about 5 people. It is sad that an unstable OS can loose a company like this money. I wonder if this is factored into the Microsoft cost analysis. ( I am sure any other OS would have its down time as well, but I wonder if it would go down as often or be as unstable. Who knows, but I challenge small businesses to try. 🙂



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