Web 2.0

My company just went to Web 2.0 last week after we (our engineering team) worked out butts off night and day to get our site ready for the conference. It was nice to read some blogs and newspapers talking about us and the conference. What is funny to me though, was all of the other articles I have read about the conference. So many people made comments about how the dot com bubble is back and how many people felt like they were attending Web 1.0.

I tend to agree with a lot of the commentary about the conference regarding the lack of business models and the over passionate cool ideas that really don’t offer much that is new and helpful–only cool. (I will agree however that many great innovations are not always born because of economic factors but…)

I am still very impressed with my companies approach to the business aspects as well as the community aspects. Personally I believe that the best features are driven by the community in which they are used. The whole idea behind the user “need” cannot be overstated. Any how, it is nice to see the dynamics of the internet change as browsers are more fully supporting web standards as well as ajax and other useful technologies. Like most things… there is a long way to go before we can fully harness the power of the information found on the internet.



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