Archive | November 2005

Less *is* More

I have noticed how easyit is to get bogged down in the details of something and loose perspective of where the greatest value and purpose. Typically the engineering mind is one that likes to solve problems, usually the technical ones, the ones that most business minded individuals are less concerned about. I think its a shame when an engineer, specifically software engineer, anylizes the problem on every level and generates a very complex solution that solves the problem perfectly (so he thinks) but ends up creating a solution that contains more bugs, more maintenance, more timr to implement, essentially more money.

Why is it that if something is clean and simple the same engineer will critizes the features lack of technology and inovation? Its sad. It is clear to me that web sites that have clean simple interfaces are even more difficult to design and will often hide the complexity or live without it to solve most of the problem, enough to satisfy. These days most people don’t know exactly how much value a particular feature will have in a web application, so why dump too much time to sollve the problems that don’t need solving?

In short simple designs are easier to maintain, faster to build, and are usually better than fat features. I have heard it said that “less is more” and “simplicity is not always simple”, I couldn’t agree more. Cut the fat and get on with it.



Mashups & Money

I have been seeing and developing a lot of stuff realted to mashups of different types. I get all juiced up when I see the combining of content that adds value for users. With so many RSS feeds, podcasting, Google maps, flickr, and a bunch of thoer stuff going on its cool to think about where we are headed. It is now so easy to build an application that uses multiple API’s and services at almost no cost… its just amazing how much internet services have evolved.