Archive | June 2006

ROR Workshop in SF

Last Thursday I attended a Ruby on Rails workshop in San Francisco put on by Carson Workshops and presented by Geoffrey Grosenbach (topfunky). It was a good workshop for those of us who have played with Rails and are starting to get a little bit more serious about it. It was nice to get a more general exposure to the framework that what I had from reading the first edition of Agile Web Development with Rails. One thing a came away from the workshop completely exited about was that ROR is not only a framework, but a complete turnkey solutions for developing and deployingweb apps that scales from a one man development team to as many developers that it may take to develop the app you are working on (usually not more than four or five.) It was also fun to meet some other cool guys the night before at an informal little get-together. (click for pic) BTW, I am the guy who is standing between Geoff and Josh in the back fighting to be seen in the pic. 😉



iPod Nano Does Not Like Water (part II)

(In response to my prior post about my nano) Well… I am very pleased to report that my iPod nano was revived after letting it dry out for three days and then recharging it back up. Apparently it was only thirsty. 😉