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My OSX Package Managers

I am no OSX guru, but I will way I love how I can benefit from a operating system that has popular software developed for it yet still contains the *nix like terminal with its maturity and vast offering of open source programs. I use both Fink and Port and use one or the other depending on the versions of packages they have available. If there is a bug in one package and use the other package, it works just great.



Moving from Windows to OSX is a No-Brainer

A year ago I was considering the move from Windows to Linux Desktop, but was a little bit concerned about not being able to run a few apps that I use day to day. The thought came to me… “why don’t I just go to OSX since it is unix and has all of the software that I need?”, so here I am today finally moved over to OSX. Yeah!

Last week I decided to purchase a MacBook Pro and start my move from Windows XP. I thought I would report a few of the things that I noticed during the transition.

1) Installing new software is so easy… where did all of the wizards go? 🙂

I noticed was when I downloaded the software, in many cases it was just a matter of dragging the application from the mounted package into my applications folder. I was expecting a windowesk experience where a wizard always comes up and I have to click next, next, next, yes/agree, next… you get the point, but it only happens when you install larger apps and even then it is fast and easy.

2) The hardware and software just work!

It came time for me to move my Palm Desktop stuff to OSX and setup the bluetooth sync. Now to give you some background, this process took me two days to setup on my windows xp laptop. I installed the palm desktop and turned on my treo 650 and went to the bluetooth sync settings. It quickly saw my macbook and I clicked next. Guess what? Yes, it worked. I was beside myself and wondered what I would do with all of the extra time I had expected to spend. 🙂

3) There are so many really cool apps out there.

I asked two of my good friends for suggestions for OSX since between the two of them they covered my software needs. It took me a couple of hours or so to install all of the software they recommended. It was easy and very fast.

I love my new MacBook Pro and look forward to becoming a more mature OSX user. When expressing my concerns about not having the time to learn a new OS, all of the Mac users that I new said that it would be an easy transition — they were right.


Rails Meetup

Yesterday evening I was pleased to be able to attend the Silicon Valley Ruby on Rails Meetup. There were two presenters, Graham Glass and Jonathan Palley, who showed us all the ins-and-outs of their rails apps. Graham’s application, EDU 2.0 (, was an online education site that allowed collaboration for students and teachers or just individuals who want to learn more about specific subjects. I look forward to seeing it go live in the coming months while he releases a public beta. Jonathan Palley mainly showed us how to setup a rails app to interface with a telephone using VoIP. He was using the Astricks open source PBX server and rails in his demo. It was very cool. He was kind enough to show us his code even though he told us all that it was not finished with his implementation of responds_to: voice — none the less it was impressive.