Archive | December 2006

Ruby on Rails Camp at IBM

On November 9th I attended the Ruby on Rail Camp unconference that was help at the IBM research labs on San Jose. Not only was it fun to attend but great to see so many rails enthusiasts. I attended various unconference style workshops that covered everything from MemCacheD to Test-driven development. The unconference started out with a discussion on Rubys’ (and Rail) performance and asked the question: Is Ruby on Rails ready for business? I was impressed with how level headed everyone seemed to be — no one was so blind to Ruby on Rails weaknesses (performance) that the conversation became irrational. I concluded personally that it was ready for business but that there is a lot of room for performance improvements and that Rails, although really powerful and agile, is not the best tool for every project. Ruby on Rails, like so many other language frameworks is good at certain types of projects in certain types of teams. Personally I like the creating and being apart of the businesses, projects, and teams that would see Ruby on Rails as the most agile and versatile development framework. Rails Camp was a blast! I look forward to attending the next one.