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Startup School

Today it was my pleasure to attend Startup School at Stanford. it was educational to learn from some great presenters. I can’t help but get excited about what I am going to do for my next gig.

Here are a few things that I took away from the experience:

  • When starting a company make sure that you don’t neglect founders agreements, stock options, and other legal and business matters. – Mark Macenka’s Presentation
  • The internet and small startups open up markets that have never existed before and that there is “Millions of markets of dozens, and not just a dozen markets of millions.” – Chris Anderson’s Presentation
  • There are not many good excuses to prevent techies from starting their own startups. – Paul Graham’s Presentation
  • The economy is doing great and the only thing we should be worried about is a slowdown in innovation and productivity, thus the need for startups has never been greater and more welcome. – Michael Mandel’s Presentation
  • Don’t neglect product management and be sure to act quickly on data from users experience. Don’t make things too easy as users have a perception that things that are too easy must not have value. – Max Levchin’s Presentation
  • Culture is very important in a startup; hire the right people; be sure to structure your company so that decisions can be made quickly. – Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi’s Joint Presentation
  • Always move forward in an iterative fashion and create a culture where everyone is technical, he said “marketing should be able to ssh into the server and change the text.” Hire people because they are smart not just because they are experienced or knowledgeable. Release often, take risks, if you screw up thats ok because you will learn from it. Features don’t have to be perfect but the app must be good enough to do what it does best. – Mark Zuckerberg’s Presentation

It was a day well spent, or should I say invested? 🙂



Rails Meetup is Picking Up

I have been attending the Silicon Valley Ruby on Rails Meetup since the first meeting a year ago this next May (or so.) I am surprised at the number of people that show up and their purpose in coming. it started out with just a few computer geeks who love Ruby and Rails and now I think half of the attendees tonight were VCs, companies looking for Rails engineers, or people looking for partners for their next big idea for a web app.

I think its great but I have to admit it must be a sign of the times.

Ruby on Rails is here to stay and even companies like Spock ( are building large apps with it with 9M$ in VC.

now all I have to do is figure out a way to use Rails more since I don’t get the pleasure currently at my day job. 🙂