OSX Leopard upgrade – Only in the Silicon Valley

So, I like many others purchased my upgrade online prior to the release date and looked forward to the 26th of October. Since I was at work I missed the package and had to go to the FedEx place after work to get it. As I was walking in a boy and his father were just leaving the cash register and the boy had a huge smile and just as they left the FedEx guy said “now don’t stay up too late tonight.” Then I got in line and noticed a guy behind me with a shirt with the name Geek on it and wondered if he was picking up his Leopard, but I just minded my own business and didn’t ask. Long story short there were at least ten people in line now, and once I saw the size of my package and realized that everyone was picking up and walking out with the same sized package, I knew for sure that they were all there to pick up their OSX Leopard. I couldn’t help but be amused that so many people were there to pick it up. The puncher was when the FedEX guy said “I can’t wait until work is over and I get to go home and install mine.”

Now for my quick review of my first impressions of Leopard. Overall the upgrade is pretty good, but other than the Mail upgrades with TODO’s, Notes, and RSS, and maybe Time Machine, I don’t think that it was imperative that I upgrade since many of the new features were already available with third-party applications like Virtue Desktops for Spaces, Time Machine and regular backup software, etc. I did like the new “Quick Look” view in Finder, but like so many of the other upgrades and improvements they are fun, cool, neat, and sweet, but not life altering. Maybe I just haven’t played with it all yet and haven’t looked at all of the enhancements. I don’t regret the upgrade, but to all of those cash strapped people who want to upgrade because they feel like they will be left behind — take your time.



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