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Destination Derby

A half hour ago I released a game that I designed with the help of a friendand the input from my team members. The game took just under three weeks from inception to completion, and I also moved with my family to a new apartment as well.

It was fun to work on this project and I hope that it is successful.

Oh, on a more technical note, I wrote the game using Rails 2.0 with no plugins and only a handful of tables. It was fun on every level.

Now here comes the real question… can you beat me to where ever it is you want to go? If you are reading this, please invite me to your race (Paul Hepworth/ dderby[at]omniop[dot]com.)

Here is the link:

You can also get to the game by going to any RealTravel destination page and click the “play” button when prompted.

Thanks again Phil for your creative flare major contribution.



Project Indie Fashion House

Almost a year ago I was asked to work on a project with a designer to build a rails site that lists designers and their portfolios. it was a fun project overall and was during my nights and weekends over the period of a couple of months. Although my work was done for quite sometime the site didn’t technically release until a short time ago. Anyways, I coded it up and although the project was a little too large for my side-project taste it was fun.

You can check it out by going to:

Camping in the front of the line for my Son

Below are photos of what I went through last night while camped out and waited to register my son for an extremely popular Dual Immersion program that had only 15 open spots.

I managed to get second in line by showing up at 9pm last night. As I hung out, socialized, and slept, other parents trickled in throughout the night and morning. There were hundreds who wanted a spot and we got one, in fact we were the first to get one. Hooray! It was very refreshing to see so many parents who wanted the very best for their children and were willing to sacrifice dignity, sleep, and a warm bed—all this for their children’s education.

The temperature dropped to freezing, but I hung tight with a handful of dedicated parents. The lines actually ended up wrapping the parking lot. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

I woke up at 2:50am and thought I would capture the moment. The first sleeping bag is mine.
I was happy that I came the night before because the line ended up being extremely long.

Oh and I made the channel 2 news this evening. 🙂