Archive | July 2008

Scaling Anything

Tonight I attended a presentation at Google that given by Jason Hoffman (the CTO at Joyent) about Ruby, and scaling web architecture. Although none of the actual information was new to me it did remind me of the basic points to scaling a web application. Here they are.

  • Scalability is language, performance, and throughput independent.
  • Test each piece of your architecture and find out what the maximums of each service are.
  • Find the real bottlenecks and remove them efficiently. (Use DTrace) An example was how Apache’s proxy module will limit the number of requests per second to 140 per Apache instance, and by using virtualization you could have eight instances running Apache on the same server with the capacity of 1120 rps.

Overall it was worth while especially when you factor in the snacks and dinner that Google provided.

Scale away!