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Startup School

Today it was my pleasure to attend Startup School at Stanford. it was educational to learn from some great presenters. I can’t help but get excited about what I am going to do for my next gig.

Here are a few things that I took away from the experience:

  • When starting a company make sure that you don’t neglect founders agreements, stock options, and other legal and business matters. – Mark Macenka’s Presentation
  • The internet and small startups open up markets that have never existed before and that there is “Millions of markets of dozens, and not just a dozen markets of millions.” – Chris Anderson’s Presentation
  • There are not many good excuses to prevent techies from starting their own startups. – Paul Graham’s Presentation
  • The economy is doing great and the only thing we should be worried about is a slowdown in innovation and productivity, thus the need for startups has never been greater and more welcome. – Michael Mandel’s Presentation
  • Don’t neglect product management and be sure to act quickly on data from users experience. Don’t make things too easy as users have a perception that things that are too easy must not have value. – Max Levchin’s Presentation
  • Culture is very important in a startup; hire the right people; be sure to structure your company so that decisions can be made quickly. – Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi’s Joint Presentation
  • Always move forward in an iterative fashion and create a culture where everyone is technical, he said “marketing should be able to ssh into the server and change the text.” Hire people because they are smart not just because they are experienced or knowledgeable. Release often, take risks, if you screw up thats ok because you will learn from it. Features don’t have to be perfect but the app must be good enough to do what it does best. – Mark Zuckerberg’s Presentation

It was a day well spent, or should I say invested? 🙂



Moving from Windows to OSX is a No-Brainer

A year ago I was considering the move from Windows to Linux Desktop, but was a little bit concerned about not being able to run a few apps that I use day to day. The thought came to me… “why don’t I just go to OSX since it is unix and has all of the software that I need?”, so here I am today finally moved over to OSX. Yeah!

Last week I decided to purchase a MacBook Pro and start my move from Windows XP. I thought I would report a few of the things that I noticed during the transition.

1) Installing new software is so easy… where did all of the wizards go? 🙂

I noticed was when I downloaded the software, in many cases it was just a matter of dragging the application from the mounted package into my applications folder. I was expecting a windowesk experience where a wizard always comes up and I have to click next, next, next, yes/agree, next… you get the point, but it only happens when you install larger apps and even then it is fast and easy.

2) The hardware and software just work!

It came time for me to move my Palm Desktop stuff to OSX and setup the bluetooth sync. Now to give you some background, this process took me two days to setup on my windows xp laptop. I installed the palm desktop and turned on my treo 650 and went to the bluetooth sync settings. It quickly saw my macbook and I clicked next. Guess what? Yes, it worked. I was beside myself and wondered what I would do with all of the extra time I had expected to spend. 🙂

3) There are so many really cool apps out there.

I asked two of my good friends for suggestions for OSX since between the two of them they covered my software needs. It took me a couple of hours or so to install all of the software they recommended. It was easy and very fast.

I love my new MacBook Pro and look forward to becoming a more mature OSX user. When expressing my concerns about not having the time to learn a new OS, all of the Mac users that I new said that it would be an easy transition — they were right.


Google Doing WI-FI in Mountiain View

I finally saw them, the WI-FI antennas that Google has been putting up all around Mountain View. If I get really board some day I may post a couple of photos of the ones only a few hundred feet from my house. Until that day, you can see the pictures others have taken and blogged about it. The official Google post about this topic can be found here.


My Treo

Now that they are going to be replaced in the next four months I thought it was going to be good timing to get a Treo. My 2 year contract with Verizon was up and I saw that this was the time to get a Treo since I could leverage my being out of contract to get a good deal… long story short, I ended up going with Sprint because they are cheaper and I get their Vision package (wireless internet) for only an extra $10/month. It wasn’t until I got lost twice and needed to IM a buddy about something important that I realized just how cool having a smart phone really was. As soon as I could I downloaded and installed a ssh client, an IM app (with Yahoo!, MSN, AIM.)

I am lov’in my Treo!


How I found the longest email address in the world

And you thought your current email address was hard for people to understand over the phone. 🙂

One day at work I came across a email address in our db that I was almost completely sure was fake just because of how long it was.

I still don’t know exactly why having the longest email address in the world would be a cool thing but I must say it is unique.

Check it out by going to the web site:

Be sure you set your email field length in your database to accommodate email addresses this large! 😉