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Stop email bots from harvesting your email addresses

Are you as sick as spam as I am? Some people just don’t quite!

Years ago I made three vital mistakes that caused my spam count to go up dramatically and of course got my email address in most every spam list in the world.

The first mistake was , and of course the $5 gift certificate for Amazon sounded good at the time.) I learned my lesson and now use a separate email address ( on sites I don’t completely trust with my regular email address.

The second one was I had my personal email address on my 10 domain names as the contacts. After it was almost too late, I replaced my personal email with a generic email address that I only check when I need to (

The third thing was putting my email address on many web sites as a means for people to contact me (of course my email address was harvested by every spammer on the internet.) So through reading on the web sometime ago I came across a tip on how to write your email address in JavaScript s the users (humans) could click on it and it would work, but bots would not be able to see it unless they had JavaScript enabled. I also added an extra level of security by converting my email address into a string of ASCII codes. It seems to work pretty well.

If you would you like to generate code that you can use on your site with your email address, click here.

If your interested, here are some helpful links:
Email Converter and text to ASCII code output java script –
ASCII Chart I used to create the script –
A post that I used as a reference for converting valid email address characters to ASCII codes –

If you found this useful in any way, please post a comment. Good Luck!