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Subject: please cancel my account

I am looking to change VPS providers from JaguarPC to a company that has a higher level of service and uptime since I have had over 4 or 5 days of downtime and even lost some data due to the restoration form backup that killed my InnoDB tables in MySQL. (enough about that)

Anyways, i found a company called InMotion and after just a few days, here is my last trouble ticket.

To whomever it may concern,

Please cancel my account and refund the charges to my credit card as I would like to take you up on your 30-day money back guarantee.

In case you have questions about why, here is my best effort at giving you both an explanation and some customer feedback that I hope will be helpful to you as you improve your business.

Over the past couple of days I attempted to get going with you guys in hopes that I could move my current sites/customers over to a more responsiveVPS provider with better support, etc. I am sure you are a great company and provide great services to many customers, but to be honest I was not impressed with the process of signing up and how my initial tickets were handled.

1) I was surprised by the $2/ip as there is no mention of this pricing before signup and the sales page implies that you do not charge for ips as long as they are justified. Believe it or not, that was one reason why I considered you guys.

2) The support seemed very reactive overall and although I asked questions that could imply that I was relatively experienced with system administration, it seemed as though i was talked down to and was practically told to be grateful for your help and that I wasn’t charged for you services. (The “service” that I didn’t ask for of changing the port that sshd was going to run on. I only told you that I was going to be changing it in order to have you open up a hole in your firewall to accommodate my customization.)

3) By default I didn’t have root access, and after I was “approved” to have it, I was still unable to ssh into my VPS due to your network firewall. Then once I inquired about it, I had to explain that I needed ssh access and was asked for the last 4-digits of my cc number, and then the ticket was closed by a technician, as if my issue had been resolved. After opening the ticket again and providing my cc info, I was asked for the ip address that I was going to be sshing from so you could add a firewall rule that would allow me access, to which I replied that I accessed the server from many locations.

Long story short: I appreciate your help but I don’t feel like InMotion is where I should be.

Good luck and have a most pleasant day!

I don’t like posting negative stuff (unless its about Microsoft and Visual Studio,) but before I signed up with InMotion I searched google for stuff like “InMotion sucks”, and “InMotion bad”, etc hoping that I could see what other peoples experience were and couldn’t find much. I hope this helps other hackers who will do the same and maybe save them some grief.

And no, this was not a paid advertisement by InMotion. 😉

UPDATE: InMotion sent me an email apologizing for the miscommunications and asking me to reconsider my decision. I will admit that their email was very nice and that they wanted to keep my business and make sure that I am happy. I am sure that their services will be great for some people, personally, I am looking for a provider who is a little bit more interested in the big picture of what it is that I want to accomplish and get setup. When I have issues or problems, I need to be able to ask a specific question and get taken care of. Each support cycle is expensive for me. I think the issues that I am explaining are due to VPS companies whose primary business is shared hosting and their secondary business is VPS—their techs are trained to deal with the shared hosting folks. If I decided to stay it wouldn’t be a horrible thing I suppose, but I have already found an alternative VPSprovider ServInt.

I am sure that InMotion is a good company, but it didn’t work out for me.


Startup School

Today it was my pleasure to attend Startup School at Stanford. it was educational to learn from some great presenters. I can’t help but get excited about what I am going to do for my next gig.

Here are a few things that I took away from the experience:

  • When starting a company make sure that you don’t neglect founders agreements, stock options, and other legal and business matters. – Mark Macenka’s Presentation
  • The internet and small startups open up markets that have never existed before and that there is “Millions of markets of dozens, and not just a dozen markets of millions.” – Chris Anderson’s Presentation
  • There are not many good excuses to prevent techies from starting their own startups. – Paul Graham’s Presentation
  • The economy is doing great and the only thing we should be worried about is a slowdown in innovation and productivity, thus the need for startups has never been greater and more welcome. – Michael Mandel’s Presentation
  • Don’t neglect product management and be sure to act quickly on data from users experience. Don’t make things too easy as users have a perception that things that are too easy must not have value. – Max Levchin’s Presentation
  • Culture is very important in a startup; hire the right people; be sure to structure your company so that decisions can be made quickly. – Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi’s Joint Presentation
  • Always move forward in an iterative fashion and create a culture where everyone is technical, he said “marketing should be able to ssh into the server and change the text.” Hire people because they are smart not just because they are experienced or knowledgeable. Release often, take risks, if you screw up thats ok because you will learn from it. Features don’t have to be perfect but the app must be good enough to do what it does best. – Mark Zuckerberg’s Presentation

It was a day well spent, or should I say invested? 🙂


My OSX Package Managers

I am no OSX guru, but I will way I love how I can benefit from a operating system that has popular software developed for it yet still contains the *nix like terminal with its maturity and vast offering of open source programs. I use both Fink and Port and use one or the other depending on the versions of packages they have available. If there is a bug in one package and use the other package, it works just great.


Google Doing WI-FI in Mountiain View

I finally saw them, the WI-FI antennas that Google has been putting up all around Mountain View. If I get really board some day I may post a couple of photos of the ones only a few hundred feet from my house. Until that day, you can see the pictures others have taken and blogged about it. The official Google post about this topic can be found here.


My Treo

Now that they are going to be replaced in the next four months I thought it was going to be good timing to get a Treo. My 2 year contract with Verizon was up and I saw that this was the time to get a Treo since I could leverage my being out of contract to get a good deal… long story short, I ended up going with Sprint because they are cheaper and I get their Vision package (wireless internet) for only an extra $10/month. It wasn’t until I got lost twice and needed to IM a buddy about something important that I realized just how cool having a smart phone really was. As soon as I could I downloaded and installed a ssh client, an IM app (with Yahoo!, MSN, AIM.)

I am lov’in my Treo!