Paul HepworthCSM
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) EMAIL-ME

VP Engineering, Scrummaster, Sr. Engineer with 12 years of experience developing web applications and leading teams. (AKA: the guy who reads agile books while walking in downtown, Palo Alto.)

Skills Summary:

  • Over 4-years of Scrummaster experience (certified and attendee of international Scrum gatherings)
  • Experienced with all agile approaches and can adapt and apply best techniques depending on circumstances
  • Proven leadership and teamwork skills
  • Expert in standard based web site design/development
  • Experienced with both front end and back end web development as well as system administration and operations
  • Expert in client and server side performance tuning
  • Deep hands-on experience with Lean Startup, SEO, Split testing (A/B testing,) user testing
  • Business savvy and goal/results oriented


  • User Testing
  • My GitHub profile
  • Simply Scrum: A project built by myself and a friend to solve the electronic Scrumboard problem. (currently in beta)
  • Real Travel: Worked with team as a Scrummaster and team member to development whole site from pilot to 4 million+ page views. Managed operations, migrated from .Net to Rails.
  • Noteflo: Worked with a designer to implement the whole site from scratch acording to clients requirements and business needs.
  • Road Runner Records: Worked with a team to implement search, ratings, and other features.
  • “I’d Rather Be” Facebook Application: Built the original app in less than a week part-time.
  • Trivia Game “Destination Derby”: Designed along with graphic designer and developed game within three weeks.
  • Apticore: Implemented the design into Ruby on Rails, and built out order management tools.
  • Indie Fashions House: Built the whole site in Ruby on Rails.
  • Mareblu Naturals: Re wrote shopping cart and created an order admin.

Technical Summary:

Ruby/Rails 3, Ajax/JavaScript/JQuery, Node.js, XML/XSLT, CSSHTML, JSP/Java, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Perl, and Coldfusion
Operating Systems:
OSXLinux/UNIX (Gentoo, Slackware, Redhat/CentOS, Ubuntu) and Microsoft Windows
Development Tools/ Databases/ Other:
VIM, GIT, SVN, CapistranoBashHudsonRSpecFacebook DevelopmentMySQLPostgreSQL, Linux Administration, Networking, DNS, EC2CDN (Cloudfront)S3Heroku and Engine Yard hosting,New Relic

Professional Experience:

User Testing Inc. (Mountain View, CA) – October 2011 – Present
VP Engineering, Scrummaster, Sr. Software Engineer

  • Lead/Coach team with implementation of Agile principles including Lean and Scrum
  • Migrated/ing legacy .Net application to Ruby on Rails
  • Work with stakeholders across organization to understand, negotiate, and size requirements
  • Build and work with world-class engineering team to continuously deliver value to both internal and external customers

Wildfire Interactive (Palo Alto, CA) – March 2011 – October 2011
Sr. Software Engineer

  • Lead/Coached team with usage of Scrum
  • Developed account management features, internal tools, and REST APIs for product teams
  • Agile Evangelist

Uptake Networks (Palo Alto, CA) – September 2010 – Present

Scrummaster/ Sr. Web Developer, Operations Manager

  • Built infrastructure that allows for continuous release (push button release with tests and automatic deploy that takes 10 minutes)
  • Lead development in Ruby on Rails
  • Scrummaster and Agile Evangelist
  • Built and support split testing infrastructure
  • REST API development (Palo Alto, CA) – May 2005 – Present
Founding Engineer/ Scrummaster/ Director of Engineering/ Sr. Web Developer, Operations Manager

  • Developed pilot used to pitch business to investors.
  • Led migration from Microsoft .Net to Ruby on Rails.
  • Developed the IdRatherBe Facebook Application.
  • Designed & developed trivia game in two weeks, which increased page views by 5%.
  • Prior to migration, developed beta using Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP, and Windows Server 2003, ASP.NET and C#.
  • Developed photo uploading, resizing, and storing large number of photos.
  • Procured, configured, and maintained hardware and software.
  • Developed a multi-stage push button build and release system.

AudioFeast (Mountain View, CA) – August 2004 – May 2005
Web Application Developer

  • Developed consumer facing site using XHTML/CSS, PHP/PostgreSQL, and Apache/Linux technologies
  • Implement subscription management and billing systems.
  • Integrated third party CRM into existing user management functionality.

Freelance Contractor/Consultant (Citrus Heights, CA) – August 2003 – July 2004
Owner, Consultant Web Developer

  • Sales and account management.
  • Demonstrate my ability to work with customers and gather business requirements and develop software to accomplish objectives.
  • Keep current on technologies used in each project.

Info One (Campbell, CA) – A division of Wachovia Corporation – October 2002 – August 2003
Associate Web Developer

  • Met tight time requirements to build a web site that was to be announced on Good Morning America.
  • Developed search and email tools using JSP, Java Script, and HTML.
  • Created secure single point authentication programs in PHP, and Perl.

Centennial Media (San Jose, CA) – January 2001 – September 2002
Web Developer/Designer, System Administrator

  • Built complete web site including powerful easy to use product catalog management tools using PHP, Java Script, HTML, and MySQL.
  • Built an affiliate program system that tracked affiliate sales.
  • Integrated e-commerce payment system into web site.

Event Connections (San Jose, CA) – September 1999- December 2000
Web Developer/ Designer

  • Completely re-designed company web site using PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML.
  • Built e-commerce event registration sites for clients like Adobe Systems.
  • Performed IT tasks including managing network and desktop support.


  • BS Information Systems, University of San Francisco 2010
  • ScrumMaster Certification Training (CSM,) Jeff Sutherland 2008
  • XML Certificate, San Jose State University 2002
  • Web Development Certificate, San Jose State University 2001

Awards & Contributions:

  • HOA Treasurer (2009) and President (2010)
  • Submitted patches and contributions to open source plug-ins and projects like Active Merchant and Acts as BitField, Smurf, RVM, as well as other open source projects. [My GitHub]
  • Eagle Scout Award, 1996

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