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FileMerge Command Line Tools for Subversion

Here are some pretty useful tools for using FileMerge on OSX with the command line subversion.

I stumbled across these tools while I was looking around at how I can better use FileMerge with Subversion

Here is what I did to fully set them up.

# sudo su
# cd /usr/bin
# svn export http://ssel.vub.ac.be/svn-gen/bdefrain/fmscripts/fmdiff .
# svn export http://ssel.vub.ac.be/svn-gen/bdefrain/fmscripts/fmdiff3 .
# svn export http://ssel.vub.ac.be/svn-gen/bdefrain/fmscripts/fmresolve .
# exit
# vim ~/.subversion/config

Be sure to set your diff and diff3 tools to use the fmdiff and fmdiff3

Thanks Bruno De Fraine for publishing these great tools and making my life a little easier. 🙂